As wide as an ocean: Things to discover

For me, being a copywriter is more than a job. It is an adventure. Every day is different – and so is every customer. In the course of one day, I may be a storyteller, seller, explainer and seducer. Like a starship captain, I explore ever new worlds. Lifestyle fair or laser cutting, building automation or brewing, event management or Christmas market: each subject reveals surprising sides. Finding out what moves people and how my words can move them – that is one of the reasons why I love being a copywriter.

Peggy S. Wandel, Graduate in Business Administration



University Education:
International Business (Diploma), Reutlingen University and EPHEC Brussels
Global Textile Marketing (M. Sc.), Philadelphia University and Reutlingen University


Professional background (excerpt):
Ketchum PR agency (Munich), Deutscher Fachverlag (Frankfurt/Main), BMW International Marketing (Munich), Putzmeister Ltd. (USA), WCRS advertising agency (London), BBDO advertising agency (Stuttgart)


Since 2009 freelance copywriter and PR consultant. Based in South-West Germany, near Reutlingen/Stuttgart.

 Book publication

Zwischen Karriere und Krabbelgruppe:

A book about 20 working mums from all over the world and how they manage to combine family and work life.